MBCT Spring 2021 Program

MBCT Spring group has started on May 24

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David studied Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT at Oxford University. MBCT is an evidenced based program for the treatment of recurrent depression by cultivating alternate modes of mind and the capacity to approach one's experience with mindful awareness, friendliness and without judgment.

MBCT programs consist of weekly 2 hour group sessions and daily homework practices. The evidence demonstrates that engagement with the program significantly lowers incidences of recurrent depression. .  

Uniquely the MBCT programs offered through this platform are supported by community mindfulness practice between weekly sessions. We believe this is a significant addition to a standard MBCT program. These sessions offer participants an opportunity to come together daily and practice in silence through Zoom.


MBCT is currently offered within the membership. There is no extra cost for the program. If you join the platform and intend to participate in an MBCT program we request that you maintain your membership for 12 months before canceling as a fair exchange. The aim is to run four programs per year. If there is increased demand more programs will be taught.

MBCT programs typically range from £200 to £400 with a group size up to 20 people. On this platform our mission is to make these skills accessible at low cost, for this reason MBCT groups will be run with larger numbers within the low cost membership.



Application does guarantee a place on the MBCT program.  Upon completing the application we may contact you to advise other options. We do not recommend this program if you are currently experiencing moderate to high levels of depression. Please leave your details in the form below, we will contact you in advance of the next MBCT group to complete registration forms.


Self Care During MBCT

Due to these programs being offered online with a larger group size it is important that you take responsibility for your own well being. Before joining the program you should learn what local support is available to you, this may include consulting with a therapist or your family doctor, this is important especially if you suffer from depression. It is important to understand that David will not be able to provide therapeutic support between sessions.



These programs are available to members of this site. Four MBCT programs will be taught each year. Depending on demand there may be a waiting list. Preference will be given to participants who suffer from depression and who have not taken MBCT before.

Because these programs are included at a fraction of their usual cost group numbers may be significantly larger.

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