Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Training

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In this community there is a constant focus on training to deepen our understanding, support existing and develop new mindfulness based practitioners. The weekly study groups are a vital component of this together with occasional trainings that are offered by donation.

Trainings and workshops will focus on meditation, breathing practices, yin yoga, neuroscience etc.

From yoga teachers to therapists, coaches to breath workers we will develop skills that deepen our work. Some trainings are offered by donation other are exclusive to subscribers of the monthly program. 

Our intention for our 'By Donation' trainings is to offer the highest standard education accessible to everyone irrespective of income. We encourage you to donate by joining the monthly membership for the duration of the training, this will also give you full access to our weekly teaching schedule. However feel free to participate entirely free of charge.


Please add you name to the below form to be informed about upcoming trainings.


David and Zeynep have been training small groups of yoga and meditation teachers for almost 20 years accredited through Yoga Alliance (YA). 

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits are available for most trainings, though trainees must already have a Yoga Alliance accreditation. 

All participants can request a certificate of completion for any training completed.


Each training has a different format. Some trainings are completely online, others have an accompanying course. 

Courses are taught through Zoom. The first 1000 particiopants to open Zoom on the day of the class will be able join through Zoom. An overflow room is created in Youtube if more than 1000 participants attend. 

Classes are broadcast from a professional broadcast studio in High Definition.

Stay informed of upcoming trainings