Monthly workshops to learn the EP Workbook.

Meditation & Breath-work every Tuesday & Thursday.


Monthly subscription 20 euro.

* Yoga Alliance workshop not included
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Upcoming Events

Events are included in your membership - You can join live on Zoom, all events will be recorded. There will be at least one event each month, date and time might change.

Drop-in Mindfulness & Breath-work

Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 19:00 CET, practice mindfulness and breath work.

Polyvagal Theory

16 & 17 December 16:00 - 20:00 CET. Learn the Polyvagal Theory, explore its relevance to mindfulness, breath-work and embodiment practices.

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Learn and Teach The Mindfulness of Breathing (consecutive Sundays)

Sunday 7 & 14 January & 16:00 CET. In-depth exploration of the mindfulness of breathing mindfulness meditation practice.

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Definitions of Trauma - how it changes the brain and nervous system, how embodiment practices can heal trauma.

Embodied Movement, Fascia & Yoga (consecutive Sundays)

This event is taught by Zeynep Aksoy over two consecutive Sundays. Exploring Zeynep's Reset Practices and fascial anatomy.

Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns & Measuring Breathing Dysfunction

Exploring the origins and causes of breathing dysfunction, it's negative effects and how to measure and track improvements.

Optimising Breathing - Breath Holds and Carbon Dioxide

Learn how to improve the efficiency of respiration by optimising the relationship between carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Teaching Breath-Work Practices

Explore how to teach the Breath Work Practices

The Life of the Buddha - The Four Noble Truths

Explore the Buddha's life, and his core teaching of The Four Noble Truths.

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